tiger’s nest




  1. Lovely photo. I really like lovely diagonal line of flags.

    This is such a great place! I almost didn’t do it, but when I reached the top this view was breathtaking. Of course, you still have to climb down a bit and then up again to reach the dzong. But it was worth it. When I came down it started raining and the path turned into a river of mud. As I picked my way gingerly down I saw a couple of young monks run down the very same slippery road!


    1. oh yes,it was a trek:)and wow,i can imagine how slippery it would have been with rain..as even dry,we were kind of slipping n sliding at places:)on a trek in sikkim once,when it was pouring…we were going up and this bunch of bengali babus were coming down,all of them in bata chappals…pretty sure footed:)made us feel silly,with our fancy shoes,slipping and crawling up hill:)


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