matiana 2015

past two years,i have been lucky to have spent time in the very beautiful himachal and specifically spiti…this year,no plans are made to go there,so i am reliving the magic of those mountains here…in all probability,i have already posted these,a year back:)

these images are not of spiti,but of a place called matiana,where we stayed for a day on the way to spiti…it offered us ,stunning sunsets and sunrise,showers and long walks and a lovely homestay…



      1. Oh! Next year I’m thinking of exploring kinnaur… spiti may be! Holiday is always numbered for me! I don’t know why Himalaya has always been associated with getting away or escaping… I find rural Goa or konkan coast incredibly beautiful too! Specially in rains! You already live in semi -paradise!

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      2. i want to go there in the snow…want to experience the extreme weather and ofcourse get the cliched white shots:)and yes yes..i am in a different kind of paradise…its raining right now:)

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      3. All I can say is Amen!
        It’s great to know that Goa is about to be transformed…greenery everywhere and lesser tourists (although Goa in monsoon is heavily marketed these days)…. back to peace!! 🙂


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