a spiti house


last august ,i was a part of an artist/photographers residency in SPITI,India…i wasn’t sure how i would feel shooting with so many photographers around and what i realised was though i love shooting on my own,i thoroughly enjoyed being able to share ideas with my fellow residents and for me this land,the land called SPITI and her people are my passion…so though i do not have one favourite image,i do have tons from my two weeks in this land also called the middle land or small tibet…the mountains are part of the himalayan range and tower above you…this shot was taken at 11,000 feet above sea level and the mountains surrounding it were an easy 18,000 feet…the blue of the skies ,the clear air helps one capture lovely images…this day,we were lucky the sun was out and the skies had just the right amount of clouds…this house was slightly out of the village and seemed so perfectly framed…so yes,one of my favourites:)

i shot this with my 6d canon,f 5.6,iso 250 at 24mm ,1/4000sec,24-105mm 4l usm

This image will become apart of Vantage Point, a photography project created by Light, a start-up that is dedicated to making quality photography easily accessible with the design of a new compact camera that will be of DSLR quality while remaining small enough for easy use in travel!


    1. hey arv,there was a residency for artists and photographers..we were based in losar and traveled to villages in spiti…please please make spiti one of your travel destinations:)your camera will thank you:)

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      1. Sandy! I have been trying to visit both Ladakh and kinnaur spiti since last two years but it seems they are elusive. I had bought 11-16mm super wide angle lens for photography in these regions. keeping my fingers crossed. thanks for suggesting. that’s thoughtful of a great photographer. 🙂


    1. hheh..that’s true…somebody from LIGHT a new compact camera company contacted me ..wanting to post one of the pics and wanted me to write something about the image…so i obliged:)


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