Send me a message, or leave a comment below

i am available for photography assignments ranging from weddings to documentary…please leave me a message and i will get back to you.

i am also selling prints and would be happy to answer queries regarding costs and mode of deliveries…




  1. Hi Sandra
    just now I reviewed your photoblog. In my humble opinion, I see it very well structured.

    a tip: would be great to find a way to create a community around this, not just the comments are also essential to create a stakeholder group and repeated visitors.

    now just have to publish in style to earn an audience


  2. Hi madam
    We r three couples, planned a tour to goa we booked everything , we also wish to take photographs in goa ( both indoor and outdoor ) for one full day
    Madam please send me the details
    Our plan is on Nov – 22 ( for photographs ) madam please reply ASAP


  3. Hi Sandra,

    My name is Joanna and i live in south Goa, where i run the boutique travel company, KOKOindia. I am currently redesigning a stylish and much more image focused new website – and wondered if you could please drop a line to Joanna@KOKOindia to discuss the possible use of some of your shots.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    1. good morning joanna,

      i almost forgot i had a blog:) so thank you for writing to me and i would be delighted if you could use some of my images…unfortunately, i have neglected the blog but my instagram is more updated:)

      let me know , how you want to take this further…

      my insta page is
      my website, also in need of updating is
      and my telephone number is 9921372569…i can’t take calls between 11am and 1230pm usually:) but am free to chat any other time..

      looking forward to hearing from you



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