Send me a message, or leave a comment below

i am available for photography assignments ranging from weddings to documentary…please leave me a message and i will get back to you.

i am also selling prints and would be happy to answer queries regarding costs and mode of deliveries…




2 comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Sandra
    just now I reviewed your photoblog. In my humble opinion, I see it very well structured.

    a tip: would be great to find a way to create a community around this, not just the comments are also essential to create a stakeholder group and repeated visitors.

    now just have to publish in style to earn an audience


  2. Hi madam
    We r three couples, planned a tour to goa we booked everything , we also wish to take photographs in goa ( both indoor and outdoor ) for one full day
    Madam please send me the details
    Our plan is on Nov – 22 ( for photographs ) madam please reply ASAP


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